My story starts in the shed.

For a long-time I have had a passion working with wood. Much to my wife's frustration every chance I get I sneak out to the shed where my repertoire of tools is growing by the day.

Over the years I have completed more and more projects, learning new approaches and most recently building up my skills on the lathe.  I use a range of wood (anything I can get my hands on to be more specific) and are slowly learning the nuances that each type of timber brings.


Everything I make is bespoke and usually dictacted by the piece of wood I have chosen. I love making practical pieces and most items I have built have come about because we needed something around the house.

More recently friends and family have started saying that I should share some of my projects with others and thats how Sawyer came about. Why Sawyer?  Well it means 'wood cutter' and is the name of my youngest son (I asked if I could borrow it and he said he didn't mind....).

I would love to hear your thoughts on my projects or if you have any ideas let me know.