Parallel bars

Sometimes you need to be smart with the space you have but priority is always to be able to provide the training stimulus that you need for your athletes. I had the good fortune of working with the throws coach, strength coach and javelin athletes to design and build some jerk box attachments for parallel bar work. These slip on to the top of the existing jerk boxes in the gym to give a good working height and can be moved to the floor if required. Box length is 900mm and the supports for the bars are shaped from 40mm thick plywood giving 820mm of useable bar length. The bars themselves were turned from Ash to give a final diameter of approximately 44mm with the Ash chosen for its structural properties in this context. They feel great to use and have proven popular with the other strength coaches and athletes finding

I am currently working on another project for this equipment also. I'll post an update shortly but stay tuned for a set of base boxes to get some additional height which are mechanised with retractable castor wheels to allow easy movement around the gym. These boxes are not light!

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